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Articles publiés dans cette rubrique

Crystal-electric-field excitations and spin dynamics in Ce3Co4Sn13 semimetallic chiral-lattice phase

Kazuaki Iwasa, Yuka Otomo, Kazuya Suyama, Keisuke Tomiyasu, Seiko Ohira-Kawamura, Kenji (...)

Direct measurement of individual phonon lifetimes in the clathrate compound Ba7.81Ge40.67Au5.33

Pierre-François Lory, Stéphane Pailhès, Valentina M. Giordano, Holger Euchner, Hong Duong Nguyen, (...)

Ionic Liquids : evidence of the viscosity scale-dependence

Quentin Berrod, Filippo Ferdeghini, Jean-Marc Zanotti, Patrick Judeinstein, Didier Lairez, (...)

Localised Ag+ vibrations at the origin of ultralow thermal conductivity in layered thermoelectric AgCrSe2

F. Damay, S. Petit, S. Rols, M. Braendlein, R. Daou, E. Elkaïm, F. Fauth, F. Gascoin, C. Martin, (...)

Magnetoelectric effect and phase transitions in CuO in external magnetic fields

Zhaosheng Wang, Navid Qureshi, Shadi Yasin, Alexander Mukhin, Eric Ressouche, Sergei (...)

Field-induced spin-density wave beyond hidden order in URu2Si2

W. Knafo, F. Duc, F. Bourdarot, K. Kuwahara, H. Nojiri, D. Aoki, J. Billette, P. Frings, X. (...)

Antiferroquadrupolar correlations in the quantum spin ice candidate Pr2Zr2O7

S. Petit, E. Lhotel, S. Guitteny, O. Florea, J. Robert, P. Bonville, I. Mirebeau, J. Ollivier, (...)

Field-induced phase diagram of the XY pyrochlore antiferromagnet Er2Ti2O7

E. Lhotel, J. Robert, E. Ressouche, F. Damay, I. Mirebeau, J. Ollivier, H. Mutka, P. Dalmas de (...)

Fragmentation in spin ice from magnetic charge injection

E. Lefrançois,V. Cathelin, E. Lhotel, J. Robert, P. Lejay, C. V. Colin, B. Canals, F. Damay, J. (...)