Complementarity between Optics and Neutron spectroscopy in the THz domain (SON2017)

The present workshop will focus on technical aspects concerning the THz range. Important developments were made in the last 10 years in the field of optical techniques enabling to reach this spectral rage (0.1-10 THz, time-domain THz), a frequency domain also covered by INS and QENS. A rigorous confrontation of experimental observables obtained with both techniques, and emphasis of the complementarity in various scientific domains is the purpose of the workshop.

The workshop will be organized in 5 distinct sessions, all opened by an invited pedagogical talk :

 - Instrumentation
 - Liquids
 - Soft matter and biology
 - Materials
 - Magnetism

A poster session will also be planned to favor exchanges. The official language will be English, and workshop will take place in the LIPhy laboratory, on the Saint Martin d’Hères campus.

- 19-20 Jun 2017

- UTC, LIPhy laboratory, Grenoble, France

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dans la journée...

  • 00h00 : Complementarity between Optics and Neutron spectroscopy in the THz domain (SON2017)