International Workshop on Neutron Spin-Echo Spectroscopy 2018 – 40 years of NSE user operation

Neutron spin-echo spectroscopy was invented by Ferenc Mezei in the 1970s, and the world’s first instrument of this kind (IN11@ILL) was built and operated for decades at the ILL. The first users started to use IN11 in 1978 meaning a 40-year-old anniversary of user operation of spin-echo in 2018. In the last 40 years several fundamental results have been revealed owing to this powerful and unique technique. Several instruments are in operation worldwide and the ILL’s spin-echo instruments went through a major upgrade in the last years. To celebrate this long period of success we would like to gather the most prominent spin-echo experts as well as several young scientists and students to showcase the most recent scientific results achieved by neutron spin-echo spectroscopy.
Topics will cover all scientific areas where spin-echo spectroscopy is present. We intend to combine a short school for students with a workshop of 2.5 days.